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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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are powerless. roosevelt leftwich joins us live from dundalk. >> trees are down all over the county, all over the area. you can see this tree has been knocked down in the center of the park here but it's been a long three and a half days for folks in the apartments. most of them are seniors. 80% of the folks who live in the apartment complex are 55 and older. though lost their food and medication. there's no fans and no ac. it's been tough for a lot of folks. the transformer blew out. folks were told it could be friday or later before they could get the power back on. right now they're depending on the kindness of the community to help the folks get through this. >> they don't have means of transportation.
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without means of transportation they cannot get the financeds or food that they need. we don't even have hot water. >> when she called me in the morning, yesterday, my day off, we came up here, threw some stuff together. >> several local businesses have been stepping up but only cast the apartment paragraph worked frantically. coming up at 6:00, we'll have more on how the folks in the apartment complex are coping. roosevelt leftwich. we know it is the dinner hour but this weekend's storm left behind a pretty big problem we have to tell you b -- about. hurricane irene may be
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responsible for sending 17 million gallons of raw sewage a day. there's a break in the sewage line that's polluting the bay. >> reporter: it may have been irene, last week's earthquake or a combination of both. eargt way a 54-person i sewer line erupted sending millions of gallons of raw sewage into the river and the chesapeake bay. the pumping station on annapolis experienced a surge during irene, which may have caused the rupture. crews are working frantically to fix it. there's no way to stop the flow of waste in the meantime. >> there's nowhere for it to g it is the main conduit for all the effluent for the western side of the county. it's been a third and one half of the flow for the population of 800,000.
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>> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll explain a timetable and talk to some people in the neighborhood that live next to this break. hurricane irene flood many areas. some folks lost most of their belongings as the little northeast creek spilled into their homes. several businesses were also cleaning up after the waters left its bank. cecil county emergency managers said the water came up so fast that swift water teams had to perform several rescues. tonight amtrak service is still out between philadelphia and new york. the problem is a record flood that submerged the station in trenton, new jersey, on sunday. the waters a receded. services is un-- service is unlikely to be restored today.
5:04 pm is the place for the latest coverage. we have plenty of pictures, video, store rise -- stories, plus, what you should keep or toss. thousands of folks still without power in annapolis. we'll take a look at how people are coping. in the northeast some areas under water. we'll look at the widespread damage. wyatt? weather wise, we continue to have quiet calm weather across the mid-atlantic. still clearing those tree branches, still getting things up and running. a new storm developing in the south atlantic waters, you can see tropical storm katia moving into the open waters. we think this ultimately will begin to approach the coast but
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the track, optimistic is it will stay off short. we'll talk about the labor day weekend straight ahead. tonight more streets in downtown baltimore are being closed off in preparation for this weekend's big grand prix race. we have more on how folks are supposed to get around. >> reporter: the first ever baltimore grand prix is coming. the city's transportation is closing down portions of charles street, the main north south street through downtown baltimore. tonight charles street between pratt and lombard will closed. if you want to go that way, you'll have to go around it take calvert street. charles street between conway and lee, a little bit to my south is also going to close at
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7:30. over to the west, sharp between pratt and conway will close. camden between patca and utah. i was just thinking, i don't really like to do that. even in they close one of those streets down, it makes a mess for all of downtown. anytime you've driven downtown and there's been a bad accident, you see how the accident affects -- the closing on one street affects others. now they will be closing several streets and it will affect everything. what the department of transportation is asking people to do is to simply avoid the area if you can. know the road closures. we've got mass showing alternate routes, ways to get around. even if you know everything, know all the road closures, alternate routes, still expect some delays because they're
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going to happen. remember, on thursday, the day after tomorrow, the entire race course will be closed. all the main streets, pratt street, wright street, conway, russell street and the surrounding streets will be closed throughout the weekend and will begin reopening them on tuesday. starting tonight you will really start to feel the impact. we'll be watching to see how this goes. for now, we're live in downtown baltimore. >> there will be more closures happening tonight. there's got to be a lot of confusion. that's when you head to we've got all the closures posted and how to get around it for the grand prix race weekend. dick cheney's new memoir is
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ruffling feathers. why colin powell said cheney is taking cheap shots at the bush administration. and floodwaters threaten cities and towns. close to home in annapolis, many people are frustrated after going days without power. we'll be right back. ght back. ght back. ght back. [ female announcer ] can your pancake mix do this? ♪ ♪ unleash the hidden power of bisquick.
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♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. >> if the plaintiff won't let this guy go into his apartment, does he lose on that basis? >> yes. >> why? >> he could try to scam him. it could be a big ploy and nothing was damaged and he won't let them see it. how can you prove it? >> well said. nothing else to add. going in the courtroom. >> here is where we are. show me then the picture of the damage which you've never seen. >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok
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>> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> ok >> she spoke with her parents late saturday afternoon, but when tammy sung didn't hear from her parent, she went home finding her father dead and mother and brother unconscious, both victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened in ellicott city. >> reporter: the machine, churning out power outside alex's house in ellicott city has been a lifeline since this
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tree hit a mors line leaving -- power line leaving his house dark. he's been check the generator. monday night's check turned out something he wasn't expect -- police cars and fire trucks. >> thought maybe someone wasn't feeling well and needed emergency assistance. there was no power. >> reporter: the situation was far worse. the family living in this house had been poisoned by carbon monoxide, found hours later by their teenage daughter who had been staying with friends. >> when we'll riffed, we found not only the mother unconscious but a 17-year-old boy and found the father deceased. >> reporter: the father won koo sung had been killed by the toxic fumes. the sungs were running a generator out of their garage. they did have a carbon monoxide
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detector inside the house but the batteries in that alarm were dead. >> it's horrible. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: a tragedy that serves as a warning to others struggling going day after day without power. >> safety really has to come first before convenience. if you have a generator, you have to keep it outside in a place that's open and women ventilated. >> reporter: alex has been heeding that advice. >> take a minute, check the systems, take the necessary precautions. >> reporter: in ellicott city reporting for abc2 news. >> 47-year-old young sung and 17-year-old jason sung are being treated at the hospital. they have been stabilized but not quite responsive yet. in baltimore county two
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people became sick after a carbon monoxide leak. it happened on carroll wood road. a 14-year-old and an adult were found ill. no word on their condition tonight. abc2 is working for you with carbon monoxide safety tips. what are the symptoms, headache, a teak, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness. if you think you are sick from carbon monoxide, get fresh air right away and call the fire department. many people are using job ratetors. portable generators should be outside and away from open doors, windows and vents that could allow co inside. make sure you have an alarm or plug in an alarm in your home just to keep safe. irene is gone but won't soon be forgotten. here's a time lapse. this video was shot in new york
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city. you can see the fast moving clouds. check this out, a picture of flooding in shell burn, massachusetts. irene has left entire neighborhoods flooded with waters rising. check out this photo. this is in brandon, vermont. many businesses were closed, but some restaurants were able to open. the good news is no one was seriously hurt in the storm. storm. storm. storm. storm. storm. storm. st weather wise, things are quiet. take a look, the inner harbor. humidity at 39%, not too bad. winds are easterly at 6:00 bringing that breeze in.
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brilliant blue skies. talk about a time lapse that's gorgeous to look at. there wasn't any today. you see the trees shaking a little bit in the breeze. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear. as we look across the state temperatures hovering around 80, 82 degrees. oakland 72. the humidity is comfortable. the humidity stands comfortable. federal hill 87. sunshine. further south let's go to anne arundel,84. davidsonville, 84. the change in the pattern happens this weekend. there could be showers around for the weekend but none of that tonight or into the next few days. you see that nice dry wedge
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across the central and northern east coast hanging on. high humidity all the way down in the coastal carolinas. futurecast showing minimal changes in our weather. the next 48 hours, no changes as we go into thursday. i think we'll she clouds encroach out of the west, a new boundary pushing in. this will mark the change, cloudier, saturday, sunday, monday, looks like chances for showers. as we continue to repair, dry out, dig out, the last thing we will want to see is another one. katia is out of here, 2,000 miles plus from puerto rico, so we will keep an eye on katia. it has strengthened, could make it to hurricane status in a day or two. could make it to major hurricane status in three days.
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the track takes it north of the caribbean sea. at this point in time the long range models generally keep her out to sea. that's in the something we want to see. you see the strength pushing up to 74 miles an hour. it should make category one hurricane in relatively short order, probably next day or so. overnight 58, clear skies, not has cool tomorrow. your forecast 4. we thought we would get to 83, 84. as we go to tomorrow night, temperatures in the upper fest fist -- 50s, partly cloudy with near calm breeze. seven-day forecast, here's the outlook, several more dry calm days to continue to finish those repairs from hurricane irene. that's good. unfortunately, for people trying to get in a nice weekend, it
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does look like there will be showers around, kelly. i'm in the predicting all day shower rains but looks like showers are in the picture. >> maybe the showers can push katia away. >> looks like another one coming our way, but not the way irene did, i don't think. >> all right. it is the season. thanks a lot, wyatt. >> well, former vice-president dick cheney's new memoir hits stores today. colin powell is accusing cheney of taking cheap shots at him and other members of the bush administration. karen trave travers takes a look. >> there will be heads exploding all over washington. >> reporter: cheney accuses
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former secretary of state colin powell of undermining president bush. time and again i heard powell was opposed to the war. i continue to hear it today. never once did i hear him voice objections. powell didn't take this lying down. help went on cbs face the nation to fire back at his once close friend and former colleague. >> they are cheap shots you might see one of the tabloids write. >> reporter: powell and cheney worked together under three wars. powell said there were certainly heated arguments but for the most part, he said it was civil. still -- >> it was clear by 2004 that the team was not functioning as a team and we had different views and not just views that could be reconciled.
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>> reporter: cheney didn't back down from his assessment of powell. >> there's a lot of positive stuff. it required me to put down my opinion. that's what i've done. >> reporter: cheney said after a heated argument about iraq, condoleezza rice said that powell was right. michele bachmann is reportedly publishing a memoir. the book is expected to tell her story, the experiences of a legislator, tax attorney and mother of five. do you need another reason to get moving? we'll tell you why too much couch potato time could lead to blood clots. if your power is still out, you could use a good laugh.
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we'll show you another reason why laughter is the best medicine. medicine. medicine.
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we tell you time and time again, people who don't stay active can develop health problems. inactivity, especially in women, can lead to dangerous blood clots in their lungs.
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a recent study looked at 70,000 women and followed them for 18 years. richers -- researchers measured inactivity by how many hours per week the women spent sitting. the most active spent 10 hours or less sitting. researcherrers found the risk of developing blood clots was more than double in the women who were not active compared to those who were active and apparently weight had nothing to do with the risk. >> people can die from blood clot. the way you get it is lack of blood or blood is moving slowly hoot best thing to avoid them, get moving. if you sit at a desk, get up for a few quick walks around the office during the day instead of sitting for eight hours straight. because of concerns about blood clots, new information for expectant moms delivering a baby by c section, obstetricians are recommending that women wear
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inflatable boots. decompression devices are already used during major operation. another sign that emotions can affect our health. a new study find there is maybe truth in the old saying laughter is the best medicine for your heart. according to two studies unresolved anger can make patients more vulnerable to heart attacks. those with higher scores had increased problems of heart conditions. the patient's blood vessels opened wider when watching comedy and grew smaller when watching graphic violence. well, a dog who had a really expensive meal is of aing his day. we'll tell you who he is and his owners are getting some new found fame. >> the cast of the new season of
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"dancing with the stars" was revealed. we'll get to know them better.
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